Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Advice of a Zookeeper

"Advice of a Zookeeper  
   What words of advice would you give a person entering your
   When you find what it is that makes you dance you have
 to do it.  If it hurts all the better, because it means that
 it can grow you if you maintain your passion and commitment
 and go through it.  You really have to love what you're doing,
 why you're doing it, - if not all the time, eventually.
 What you do has to feed you,but you must feed it first.
 If you can find something to really give yourself to
 everything else will find its natural place in your life.
 Education, internship, mentor, whatever - all these will
 find you once you find what you're here for."               
    Found above in Jan 2001 while checking a website
 for backlinks, from job the actual post
 is no longer on that website.

    I have found the advice quite useful over the years
Here is the quote on another blog
Anyone know the author or if you are the author
 please let me know so I can give credit, citation. 

Resume Book

Excellent Resume resource.

brief bio from blog
I'm Louise Fletcher. I used to manage HR departments and now I run my own resume writing company. I write about how to take charge of your future through effective personal marketing.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

LeAL WHAL: A Warm September's Summer Night Under the Full Moo...

My Poetry Published under my Pen Name, LeAL WHAL, on blog I created. Enjoy, Leo
LeAL WHAL: A Warm September's Summer Night Under the Full Moo...: "A Warm September's Summer Night Under the Full Moon Beloved Asleep in the Sacred Garden under Your Full Moon Beloved Awoke at 3am from a ..."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Resume, Currently looking for Work

11310 Loch Lomond Road | Middletown CA 95461 | Home: 707.928.4796
| Cell: 707.292.1215 | |


Senior Search Engine Analyst
| Search Engine | Optimization | Marketing | Social Media |
| Department Manager | Consultant |

  •      Track Record of increasing website traffic from Search Engines by Optimizing websites for Search Engines and Customers and Social Media.

  •      Exceptional Attention to Detail and Strong Cooperative Attitude towards company, clients, and coworkers, allows the smooth implementation of Search Engine Marketing Strategy.

  •      I thrive in situations where I have to learn new skills and apply them to the job quickly. I learn quickly and accurately.

  •      I have consistently and readily learned new skills based on skills I already knew.  From: | Internet Knowledge to Search Engine Analyst | Fulfillment Assistant to Fulfillment Manager | Computer Knowledge to Production Technician | Serving the death and transition of friends and family to Mortuary Assistant | Clean personal car to Auto Detailor | Home Chef to Restaurant Chef |


                                                  Areas of Expertise
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •  SEO Copywriting

  •  Keyword Phrase  Research
  •  Coordinate SEO Project with several departments
  •  Social Media Development
  •  Measure Search Engine Traffic via Web Analytics
  •  Solve SEO Technical problems with websites
  •  Analyze Current SEO Strategy and Improve.



Best Image Marketing NUMBER1EXPERT 
June 2000- May 2010, 10 years 
Senior Search Engine Analyst; Department Manager
              Under my Search Engine Marketing Leadership the company grew from 800 clients to 2,200 clients with local real estate agent websites, averaging 821 Unique Visitors per month.  60% from Search Engines, or 493 Unique Visitors from Search Engines per client website.  20% from home listing partners, 10% form other websites, 10% from type in traffic.  

  •       Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of New Version of local websites increasing Search Engine Traffic by 100 visitors per month within 3 months of launch of new Version.                     
  •      Created Monthly SEO service for local websites to further increase Search Engine Traffic. Service takes into account local real estate market and social media.

Dawn Horse Press               1996-2000, 4 years
Order Fulfillment Manager
              I was recruited and hired to bring the Order Fulfillment Department up to current Business Fulfillment Standards.
  •       Developed Plan for Transforming into a State of the Art Fulfillment Department.
  •       Redesigned and Reorganized the Oder Fulfillment Work Area
  •       Improved Workflow and Communication with Customer Support
  •       Updated Inventory Control
  •       All of the above resulted in 95% of Customer Orders shipping out within 12 work hours of receiving. Improvement from average order taking 3-5 days to ship and  many taking 3 weeks or more to ship.

SBT Accounting Systems               1990-1996 6 years
Senior Production Technician 3yrs
Senior Oder Fulfillment Assistant 3yrs
   I was hired as a Senior Order Fulfillment Assistant and based on my excellent work was promoted to Senior Production Technician. Responsible for reviewing stock levels of finished product and determining which products should be produced and in what order. Goal was to keep adequate stock on hand in order to ship at least 95% of current version product orders entered before 2:30pm.  Production completed in order that all orders ship within 12 working hours.
  •     With the help and training of my Supervisor and Manager I learned the  Senior Production Technician Job and took full responsibility for same within one month.
  •     Correctly estimated quantity of product needed to meet demands of end of month sales. All sales in month were shipped in that month so that the sale could be               counted in that months income.
  •     Helped install and learned how to use new computer disk duplication machines.  These new machines increased the ease and speed at which disks were duplicated.
EARLY CAREER:  Held a variety of positions as Mortuary Assistant, Auto Detail Shop Manager, Assistant Chef. Full details available on request.


Education: Wildlife Biology University of California Davis 1984
Search Engine Strategies Seminars Conferences & Trainings 2001, 2005
Search Engine Land Seminars Conferences and Trainings 2008
Pub Con WebMasterWorld, Seminars Conferences and Trainings 2009
Dominion Enterprises, Seminars Conferences and Trainings 2005 – 2010

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Looking for my next opportunity

Looking for my next opportunity. Please let me know if you come across anything in my field. Best Image closed the Clearlake CA office. Moved operations to Dominion Enterprises San Diego CA and Tallahassee FL. Most of the Clearlake employess were layed off including me. Dominion saw a benefit in moving Best Image to locations with other Dominion business units. Reading Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management by Scott Berkun

Saturday, January 16, 2010 - Google Takes on Godzilla

"Google Takes on Godzilla", good article but Godzilla is Japanese not Chinese.

Click the following to access the sent link: - Google Takes on Godzilla*

*This article can also be accessed if you copy and paste the entire address below into your web browser.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Holidays from Best Image and NUMBER1EXPERT

from the Business I work for.
NUMBER1EXPERT Top Selling Agent
Insider From Your NUMBER1EXPERT Support Team

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Happy Holidays From Best Image Marketing! Happy Holidays From All Of Us At Best Image Marketing!
We Wish You the Very Best this Holiday Season!
Have a happy and prosperous 2010!